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Stations of the Cross

First Station

Jesus is condemned to death

station 1.jpeg

Third Station

Jesus falls the first time

station 3.jpeg

Fifth Station

The cross is laid on Simon of Cyrene

station 5.jpeg

Second Station

Jesus takes  up his cross

station 2.jpeg

Fourth Station

Jesus meets his afflicted mother

station 4.jpeg

Sixth Station

A woman wipes the face of Jesus

station 6.jpeg

Seventh Station

Jesus falls a second time

station 7.jpeg

Ninth Station

Jesus falls a third time

station 9.jpeg

Eleventh Station

Jesus is nailed to the cross

station 11.jpeg

Eighth Station

Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem

station 8.jpeg

Tenth Station

Jesus is stripped of his garments

station 10.jpeg

Twelfth Station

Jesus dies on the cross

station 12.jpeg

Thirteenth Station

The body of Jesus is placed in the arms of his mother

Fourteenth Station

Jesus is laid in the tomb

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